Item: Mona Lisa Collection "Reversible Fall". This is pictured in both directions. This has a firm base which is 6 1/2" x 6" with 2 combs attached. About 23" long with a wave! No more Bad Hair Days!! .. This looks and feels like human hair, but is actually made of synthetic fiber very easy to care for.

Colors: 1-black, 1B-off black, 2-darkest brown-almost black, 4-dark brown, 6-chestnut brown, 8-light chestnut brown, 10-medium golden brown, 12-light golden reddish brown, 14-light golden brown, 15- golden reddish blonde, 16-honey ash blonde, 19-light strawberry blonde, 22-champagne blonde, 24-light golden blonde, 25- golden blonde, 27-strawberry blonde, 30-medium auburn, 33-dark auburn, 130-fox red, 613-pale blonde --> AS PICTURED, 18/22-light ash brown and champagne blonde frost, or 24/14-light golden blonde and light golden brown frost.


Introductory Price: $ 59.99 plus shipping & handling

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