And here's some good jewelry buying advice...

Most people think that jewelry is used to enhance an outfit. But many
people do not know that the right kind of jewelry can be used to enhance a
good feature, minimize a negative feature or even change the way you look.

For example, earrings can be used to compliment the shape of one's face.
Long straight earrings will often minimize the appearance of a strong jaw.
Shorter, earrings worn close to the face can be used to offset a long face.
Please remember to select your earrings carefully. They may very well be your most important jewelry item. They can reflect light and flattering
color onto your face.

The longest necklace a large-chested woman should wear is 22 inches. Any longer and it starts to puddle in the cleavage. Large pieces, worn close to the neck can compliment a larger bustline and take the focus away from it.
Very long thin chains will work well with someone who is a bit flat chested.
Remember the flappers?

Chokers, especially, can hide a multitude of sins, when those sins are
located in the neck area. But be careful to make sure that the width of
your choker is appropriate to the length of your neck. A very wide choker
will only exaggerate a short neck.



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