Item: WC Andrea

Gorgeous New TOP QUALITY Wig from the Natural Collection. This is called Andrea. This is a HOT new style! Centered Skin Part. Hangs naturally at about 24", but is 29" if stretched. Perfect bouncy curls that falls down to the back. Wig is adjustable and fits standard to large head sizes.

This is available in the following colors: 27H24BH613-strawberry blonde with light butterscotch and pale blonde highlights(shown), 1-black, 1B-off black, 2-darkest brown-almost black, 4-dark brown, 6-chestnut brown, 8-light chestnut brown, 10-medium golden brown, 12-light golden reddish brown, 14-light golden brown, 15-golden reddish blonde, 16-honey ash blonde, 19-light strawberry blonde, 22-champagne blonde, 24-light golden blonde, 24B-light butterscotch, 25-golden blonde, 26-medium golden blonde, 27-strawberry blonde, 27A-light auburn, 27C-light ginger, 30-medium auburn, 33-dark auburn, 130-fox red, 613-pale blonde, 18/22-light ash brown and champagne blonde frost, 24/14-light golden blonde and light golden brown frost, 27CH24B-Butterscotch, 6/27C-chestnut brown and light ginger frost, 24B/22-light butterscotch and champagne blonde frost, 24B/613-light butterscotch and pale blonde frost, 27/30-strawberry blonde and medium auburn frost, 27C/29-light ginger and cinnamon frost, 33/130-dark auburn and fox red frost, 4T130/27-dark brown mixed and tipped with a frost of fox red and strawberry blonde, 8T124-light chestnut brown mixed and tipped with light golden blonde, 1BH27-off black with strawberry blonde highlights, 12H16-light golden reddish brown with honey ash blonde highlights , 16H30H27C-honey ash blonde with medium auburn and light ginger highlights, 266T-white blonde mixed and tipped with white, or 29H27C-Auburn with highlights of light ginger.

This wig needs no styling at all! Shake it, put it on and show off to the world. Or, loosen the curls a little to get even more body it has to offer.
Excellent quality for a great price! It is a MUST have for all wig wearers.


Retail Price: $ 119.99 plus shipping & handling

Sale Price: $ 79.99 plus shipping & handling


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