Item: WA Swanna-Y

Garner attention, and bring all the looks to new short wig. You can selfishly remain center of attention. It's no wonder the men can't take their eyes off of you. You're beautiful! Touled, straight hair is 11" from the crown. A skin top cap lets you style the hair anyway you want them to look. It doesn't matter which direction they fall because every way looks great on you. The vibrant colors radiating from your hair will draw their eyes to yours. Make the impact you deserve with your look each time you enter a room. You have never looked so pretty before. Experience the ultimate in hair with this wig.

Color: Terra Cotta; as shown. This wig needs no styling at all! Shake it, put it on and show off to the world.


Price: $ 59.99 plus shipping & handling

Item Name: WA Swanna-Y
Price: $59.99

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