Sexy and Soft!

Item: Sienna-Val

Long soft layered waves. Off-centered zig-zag skin part hangs at 17" but is longer if the waves were stretched.
Pictured is color #DXSG4145 which is: Espresso/Sunberry/Fox Red.

Other colors available: 1-Black, 1B-off-black, 2-darkest brown, 4-dark brown, 6-chestnut brown, 8-light chestnut brown, 10-medium golden brown, 12-light golden reddish brown, 14-light golden brown, 15-golden reddish blonde, 16-honey ash blonde, 19-light strawberry blonde, 22-champagne blonde, 24-light golden blonde, 24B-light butterscotch, 27-strawberry blonde, 30-medium auburn, 33-dark auburn, 130-fox red, 613-plale blonde, 8/27-light chestnut and strawberry blonde frost, 24/14- light golden blonde and light golden brown frost, 18/22-light ash brown and champagne blonde frost, 24H613-light golden blonde with pale blonde highlights, 33/130-dark auburn and fox red frost, 6H30-chestnut brown with auburn highlights, 27H613-strawberry blonde with pale blonde highlights, 8T124-light chestnut brown mixed and tipped with light golden blonde, and F19E-light auburn and light ginger mix.


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Item Name: Sienna-Val
Price: $69.99
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