Item: Michael Men's Wig: Surfer Boy/Owen Wilson Style.

Timeless, Men's Skin Top Wig. It has a "Packing" top, shorter fibers at the root base. These shorter fibers blend into the longer fibers concealing the cap, and also allowing the style to be moved in different directions without a definite parting. 12" from the crown at the back at the longest. Front bangs are 6" from the crown and can be worn parted and hanging down. You can even trim them slightly.

Will fit large size heads!

Colors available: #1: Jet Black, #2: Darkest Brown (almost black), #4: Medium Brown and #30H27: Auburn and Strawberry Blonde Mix (shown).


Introductory Price: $ 89.99 plus shipping & handling

Item Name: Michael
Price: $89.99

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